Acidus 2017

Jorge Peris

Lýdia Pribišová

Sep 02, 2017 - Sep 29, 2017
Galéria HIT, Bratislava

Aug 02, 2017 7PM

In the Hit Gallery, the Spanish artist, Jorge Peris, presents his processual site-specific installation titled Acidus 2017.
The author experiments with electrolysis, salt crystallisation and sea biology, examining the properties of salinity, various algae and organisms capable of living without oxygen. By using acids, minerals, metal oxides as the results of electrolysis and the biological processes of the marine plankton (Artemia Salina), the artist nourishes the withered roots of trees and plants, in an effort to revive them. In long term, Jorge Peris has been working with various chemical and biological processes. His works can be perceived as calls on the threats of ecological catastrophes. In his art projects, he is examining the organisms living in inhospitable conditions of salty environments. He creates new ecosystems that serve as metaphors for life. Jorge Peris examines the environment around us from various aspects (in the physical, psychic, ethical or phenomenological sense), as if it were a living entity. He examines all the options of its transformation. Through the transformation as well as the destructive strokes (corrosion), the particular environment is finally fully destroyed and becomes the basis of a new balance. Through his procedures, Peris transforms the exhibition space to an archaeological site that reveals the previous lives in the space. At the same time, he creates a vision of what should be preserved for the future. He deals with the spaces around us as with metaphors for the organism. The same way as a body, his environments also age over time, changing and regrouping. The artist often works with time countdowns, emphasising the processual nature of his installations.