For the year of 2012, HIT Gallery opened a call for professionals to send in an exhibition proposal for the space of Project Room:

Project Room 2012 represents a specific exhibtion concept, which aims to present current slovak and czech art also out of larger exhibition units. The goal of the Project Room 2012 is to map various, different and often progressive artistic tendencies, approaches and strategies. Dramaturgical concept is based upon the selection of HIT Gallery, while focusing on smaller amount of projects (3) leads to orientation towards the quality of particular exhibitions.

Chosen were following projects:

MIRA GÁBEROVÁ- Falling asleep and other departures
| July 2012

KATARÍNA POLIAČIKOVÁ- She has been walking up these stairs for 30 years
| October 2012

ADAM NOVOTA + MARTIN PIAČEK- An answer to quintessential question of life, universe and so on
| november 2012