Jan Brož / Guest: Kateřina Držková

Jiří Černický / Jaro Varga

jan 27, 2011 - feb 20, 2011
Galéria HIT, Bratislava

jan 27, 2011 6popoludní

The Halo addresses questions on character, and exposure, of works of art in today’s cultural context. It investigates the problems of media transference of a work of art, and the hypothetical existence of its aura. The project matches the format of the painting with the format of the effect, and transcribes it into film and video. Installation combines projections of super 8mm film and 3D render loop.

This concept of an appropriated aura interprets the first version of Black Square by Kazimir Malevich (1915). This iconic piece of avantgarde was recorded utilising the dolly zoom effect, during which the camera moves backward from the stage while the lens zooms forward, dramatically altering the perspective of the background. Dolly zoom effect was used for the first time in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958).

The first development was an Idealistic digital version of video (3D render), followed by a version mimicking a tourist style video on s8mm film taken in State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. As a postscript an essay was written, as well as various documentation. The title of the project Halo is derived from misguided dictionary definitions of a work of art's aura.

The very special guest of the exhibition is Kateřina Držková, which adds a comment on the discusion with the photography of 'found footage'.