Is the Future Boring?


Jaro Varga & Dorota Kenderová

dec 01, 2013 - dec 31, 2013
Galéria HIT, Bratislava

dec 01, 2013 5popoludní

Image above: Wojtek Doroszuk, Festin (video still), Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris

Image on the cover: Debasree Das, 'Look the other way', water colour paining

Pau Kajander (Canada), Paul Hage Boutros (Lebanon), Debasree Das (India), ETC Collective (South Korea), Aleksandra Ska (Poland), Petra Feriancová (SK), Michael Höpfner(Austria), Cristina David (Romania), Matthias Neumann (USA, Germany), Yevgeniy Fiks (USA, Russia), Colin Snapp (USA), Matthew MacKisack (UK), Dennis McNulty (Ireland), Wojtek Doroszuk (PL), Amande In (FR), Juraj Gábor (SK), Katarína Poliačiková (SK), Katarína Hrušková (SK), Zuzana Žabková (SK), Lucie Mičíková (CZ), Parallel Practice(CZ) Pavel Sterec (CZ), András Cséfalvay (,SK), Radovan Čerevka (SK), Boris Sirka (SK), Tomáš Svoboda (CZ), Adam Novota (SK), Martin Vongrej (SK), Sally Mannall (AUS), Tamás Szvet (HU), Szabolcs KissPál (HU), Anetta Mona Chaise & Lucia Tkáčová (SK/CZ), Sofia Goscinski (AT), Boris Ondreička (SK), Anabela Žigová, (SK, USA), Eugenio Percossi, Silvina Arismendi, (USA, Uruguay), Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina (Indonesia), Jakub Hošek, Nik Timková, Jaro Varga, Dorota Kenderová (SK), Richard Rozhoň (CZ)
Parallel Projects in 2013:
Lucie Mičíková, Blue Places
Katarína Hrušková, Breadcrumbs in Bed
Zuzana Žabková, Ich ruf zu dir


Gallery HIT celebrates ten years anniversary. This is one of reasons why we decided to develop the project containing curatorial selection of artist who collaborated with gallery HIT in the past or will collaborate in the future.
It is a free conceptual continuation of our previous curatorial works The Discovery of Slowness I, The Discovery of Slowness II, Boredom.

Our question is: "Is the future boring?"
At first, we tried to pose this question to ourselves. We tried to understand conditions and possibilities of our work in terms of running the project space. It reflects our intention to rethink, what we can do and what we should do - as artists and curators in the future.

The same question we would like to pose to artists, who work in different fields and different geographies. Our selection is based on rhizomatic network of gallery HIT, developed during the time of its ten years existence.
The question can be approach by different perspectives- artist possibilities of projection of the future, the future of art and artist role, the future of artist institutions, the future of artist engagement in political, economical and social issues, the future of societies, humankind, planet, cosmos :D
Two key words are present in our question - the future and boredom.
Current post-crisis is followed by collective boredom from projecting various social utopias. It causes the paralyses of trust in the future. Present activist movements are articulating the disability to generate alternatives and disability to articulate the future.
Can art and artist propose any solutions for societies? Or is it an outdated avant-garde narrative which exist only in vocabulary of neo-liberal agenda? Is necessary to deconstruct our past to take a step to the future? What is the relation between the future and the progress?

The final project will become a kind of manifesto, collection of concepts and comments. It will be used for future exhibitions. It will capture the diverse ideas "here and now" and can become a document for the future about the future generated by rhizome of HIT.